Saturday, March 28, 2009

Emacs Starter Kit

Phil Hagelberg has started a starter kit for Emacs development. I wonder if I should polish up my setup and publish it in some way. Some things to consider are:
  1. I would need to separate my work-environment-specific customizations from general use.
  2. I have my own personal Git repositories for maintaining copies of my Elisp setup on multiple machines. How does that mate with publishing those files elsewhere?
  3. ELPA is in use for some packages I import, but others I've checked in local copies of that are not in ELPA.
  4. Would it be better to contribute to Phil's code base or go it alone?

Emacs Package Management

ELPA is the Emacs Lisp Package Archive. Issues I'm pondering of late are:
  1. Does ELPA integrate well with SCM backends? I would want to be able to commit changes via a Git repo somewhere (github?) and have others be able to update their Emacs setups seamlessly. But not just Git: some Elisp packages are controlled via other SCM's such as SVN, CVS, Arch, etc.
  2. What about packages built into GNU Emacs? Some users desire to overlay a newer version of a package than what is installed in Emacs.

Keyboard efficiency in Emacs

Phil Hagelberg posted a comment onto The Graphical Keyboard User Interface:

For ideas on how to improve command discoverability, take a look at how Emacs does things. Every command is named and is invokable via Alt-x and then entering the name (offering tab-completion, of course), and you can look up commands by their name so that their bindings (if applicable) are shown. You can also get a listing at any time of all active bindings. Makes it very easy to explore. The eMate hold-the-modifier-key trick mentioned above is also a great idea.